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Futons and Sofa Beds NYC by AGM Furniture - Futon, Sofa bed, Sofa sleepers, Mattresses

Looking for good quility, comfortable and affordadle price mattress ?

Most often we are approached by customers, with fairly general requirements: they need a comfortable bed, capable of providing a daily sleep for a couple of adults of medium build. The first part of this equation looks simple enough; today many manufacturers offer mattresses that are able to provide comfortable sleep for people with different types of shapes and preferences, but with special attention to this problem from experts at Istikbal Sunset International. Their designers created a purpose to the unique architecture of the mattress using a different density and elasticity foam, specially separating the rows of springs for optimal weight distribution, and the design of sofa bed, which allows for maximum comfort when you use the bed in any position. In addition, the technology in isolated springs in the sofa bed design avoids the sounds created by the springs, making your bed completely silent, regardless of style. The main problem of these mattresses is that they keep waking people up in the middle of the night and prevents a comfortable night’s rest.

Looking for Futon package? 

The last time we wrote about the characteristics that are required from modern furniture: to be comfortable, compact and spacious at the same time! In addition, your bed should also not emit any sound.

The three things you need are futon, sofa bed, sectional and....

Let’s start with futons, what are the features and benefits? With futons you get custom designs with the following components: futon frames, with different armrest designs, and optional folding tables, where you can place drinks while watching TV. Most futon frames are available in several colors ranging from red wood to traditional birch. When building your futon, you can use any cover and any color. With these two options you can have a multitude of unique combinations.

Next, sort out the design; notably, the individual approach not only requires the design of your bed but also your back. In addition to the level of adaptability of the futon mattress, you should definitely take into account your individual temperature requirements during sleep. We are pleased to offer you a choice of eight types of futon mattresses (6" All cotton, 8" Double foam, 9" Moonlight, 8" Woolwrap, 9" Feathertouch, 9" Innerspring comfort coil, 6" Stratosphere HD foam, 8" Haley 90 HD foam, 9" Pulsar memory foam)

Finally, reliability and interoperability elements. You get a futon set where you no longer need to worry about dirt, grime and spills, because old items can be replaced by new ones, without resorting to costly repairs or dry cleaning, which may not always yield the desired results.


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